Week 6 – go for gold!!!

Well the spirit of determination is radiating from the Olympics arena to SE5! What a busy week… 3 main wins… a new plan drawn up by Sarah; a great playhouse for the Dylways children and bricks for the planned clay oven!!! Great goals and we are so looking forward to getting on with the build once we have Council approval. Our meeting is scheduled for next week so keep your fingers and toes crossed that they can see the value of the plan and the improvement it would make to this redundant space. 

more soon… Macca 


2 responses to “Week 6 – go for gold!!!

  1. Hi all Yes Maria it was a really productive week, lots of treasures as we have come to call them. The response and support for the Project as been great, Its never to late to join Us.
    It won’t be long before we are sending out the launch dates so keep your eyes open for threads and messages
    Volunteers still needed , get in touch if you feel you want to join us.
    BIg BBQ lunch provided
    Hope to see you all soon

    • Indeed! Feeling sense of achievement this week. May be a good idea to request specialist skills that we need on site? for slab laying, re-making the playhouse, general digging, managing the build for the raised beds etc. Once we have the Council meeting we hope things can start but in the meantime we can plan ahead in hope. Tc m

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